Explore Seven Cedars Casino: A Gem in the Olympic Peninsula

Nestled in the lush Pacific Northwest, Seven Cedars Casino isn’t just a gaming destination; it’s a total entertainment experience. With its stunning backdrop and a plethora of activities, this casino is a magnet for both locals and tourists alike.

They’ll find more than just the thrill of the next big win. There’s live entertainment, gourmet dining, and even a championship golf course. Dive into this article to discover what makes Seven Cedars Casino a must-visit spot on the Olympic Peninsula.

Whether you’re a high-roller or just looking to soak up some local culture, Seven Cedars promises an adventure that’s about more than just the slots and tables. Keep reading to explore the unique blend of gaming and natural beauty this gem has to offer.

Location and Overview

Nestled within the lush greenery of the Olympic Peninsula, Seven Cedars Casino beckons visitors with its picturesque setting. Located in Sequim, Washington, the casino is strategically situated to take advantage of both the immersive natural beauty and the accessibility to nearby urban centers. A mere two-hour drive from Seattle teases city dwellers with the promise of an unforgettable getaway where they can decompress amidst the tranquility of the Pacific Northwest.

As guests approach the property, they’re greeted by the impressive architecture that echoes the rich heritage of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe. Indigenous art and cultural motifs are thoughtfully integrated throughout the casino’s design, serving as a bridge between contemporary entertainment and traditional values.

Seven Cedars Casino extends far beyond its gaming floors. It’s an establishment that prides itself on offering diverse attractions, including:

  • A variety of gaming options such as slot machines, table games, and poker rooms.
  • Live entertainment that ranges from music performances to comedy shows.
  • Several dining venues offering dishes from fine gourmet to casual eats.
  • The adjacent Cedars at Dungeness golf course, an 18-hole championship oasis for golf enthusiasts.
  • A lavish meeting space for events, conferences, and romantic weddings.

The mix of leisure activities and cultural depth ensures that Seven Cedars Casino transcends the traditional casino experience. They cater to those seeking excitement at the slot machines as well as individuals in pursuit of relaxation at a serene golf course. Furthermore, the casino’s commitment to providing top-notch service breathes life into their ethos of creating a versatile entertainment hub.

Accessibility to the casino is a cinch, with clear signage and easy directions for those traveling by car. Regular shuttle services also link the casino to key locations, ensuring guests have a hassle-free journey to and from this premier entertainment destination. As Seven Cedars continues to thrive, it’s their attention to detail and deep-rooted value in a high-quality visitor experience that keeps customers returning.

Gaming Options

Seven Cedars Casino thrives as an entertainment hotspot due to its vast array of gaming options designed to cater to all types of players, from novices to seasoned gamblers. The casino floor buzzes with activity and offers a blend of classic games alongside innovative, modern options.

Slot enthusiasts find solace in over 600 machines, featuring both timeless favorites and the latest themed games. The ever-popular progressive slots promise the excitement of potentially massive payouts with each spin. High-definition screens and crisp audio make the slot experience immersive, while the variety of denominations ensures that there’s a game for every budget.

For those who prefer the allure of card tables, Seven Cedars Casino doesn’t disappoint. The selection includes:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Pai Gow

Each game is managed by professional dealers who not only deal the cards but also add to the lively casino atmosphere and are on hand to assist with any rules or strategies newcomers may need.

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The casino takes pride in its active poker room where poker faces go head-to-head in daily tournaments or cash games. Texas Hold’em and Omaha are staples, drawing in locals and tourists alike. The poker room also hosts special events and seasonal series that attract a high level of play and competitive excitement.

Beyond the regular tables, Seven Cedars Casino provides a unique experience with its electronic table games, catering to those who prefer a more independent gaming adventure. These electronic versions offer individual play stations with touch screens for games like roulette and baccarat, where players can enjoy the thrill of the game at their own pace.

For members, the Totem Rewards Club elevates the gaming experience with its loyalty program that rewards frequent play. Points accumulated can be redeemed for a variety of perks including free play, dining credits, and discounts on the golf course and event tickets. Exclusive member-only promotions and events add an extra layer of excitement and value to a visit to Seven Cedars Casino.

Entertainment and Events

Seven Cedars Casino isn’t just about gaming; it’s also a hub for live entertainment and events that cater to a variety of tastes and interests. The casino’s entertainment calendar is packed with an array of performances, ranging from local live bands to nationally recognized music acts, comedians, and magicians. With a state-of-the-art sound system and intimate venue layout, each show promises an experience that’s both engaging and memorable.

Visitors can check the casino’s schedule to find upcoming acts, which often includes tribute bands that play homage to the greats, as well as original artists carving their names in the musical landscape. Regular events such as Karaoke Nights and DJ-led dance parties offer guests a chance to become part of the entertainment themselves.

The casino also plays host to a variety of seasonal events and festivities. Past events have included wine and beer tasting festivals, where vintners and brewers from across the region showcase their finest libations. These festivals often feature tastings, food pairings, and live cooking demonstrations, making them a treat for gastronomes and oenophiles alike.

In addition to performances and festivals, Seven Cedars Casino offers an elegant event space for private gatherings, weddings, and corporate meetings. The beautifully designed rooms equipped with full-service amenities ensure a seamless experience, whether for a small group or a large conference. Event planners and attendees alike commend the casino’s attention to detail and professionalism in hosting events.

The integration of the majestic Olympic Peninsula backdrop adds an extra layer of allure to any occasion held at the casino. Those looking to host an event can expect not just a venue, but a destination experience, replete with natural beauty and top-notch services at every turn.

Dining Experience

Seven Cedars Casino offers an array of dining options designed to satisfy any palate. From gourmet eateries to casual dining spots, visitors can indulge in a diverse range of cuisines.

Napoli’s Stone-Fired Cuisine is a haven for those craving Italian. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Signature pizzas and pastas, paired with a well-curated wine list, create an authentic Italian experience right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Seafood enthusiasts will revel in the offerings at Salish Seafoods. The menu is loaded with fresh catches daily ensuring diners enjoy the finest flavors the ocean has to offer. The chefs at Salish Seafoods engage in sustainable sourcing practices, demonstrating the casino’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

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For guests looking for a quick bite, the Cedar Espresso is a cozy spot that serves freshly brewed coffee alongside a selection of pastries and sandwiches. The conveniently located café is perfect for a morning pick-me-up or a casual afternoon break.

At the heart of Seven Cedars Casino’s culinary landscape is the Double Eagle Steak & Seafood. This upscale establishment beckons diners with its prime cuts of meat and fresh seafood, cooked to perfection. The ambiance is sophisticated yet inviting, with attentive service that enhances the dining experience.

In addition to these offerings, the casino often hosts culinary events such as wine tasting dinners and seasonal food festivals. These events feature special menus crafted by the casino’s top-notch chefs and are often paired with live entertainment, making for a memorable outing.

Championship Golf Course

Golf enthusiasts will find a true gem at Seven Cedars Casino—the Cedars at Dungeness. Known as the driest course in Western Washington, it provides an exceptional golfing experience year-round. The 6,456-yard, par 72 course is meticulously maintained, featuring a unique blend of challenging holes that both seasoned pros and novices will appreciate.

The design of the course smartly incorporates the natural landscape, bringing into play expansive fairways and strategically placed bunkers. Its greens are renowned for their reliability and true roll, ensuring a quality round for players of all abilities. The variety of holes requires a thoughtful approach to both course management and shot selection.

Extraordinary Views and Amenities complement the golfing experience at the Cedars at Dungeness. Breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains create a perfect backdrop for a day on the links. After a round, golfers can refresh and relax at the Stymie’s Bar & Grill, which overlooks the 9th and 18th holes. The grill offers a full menu of hearty meals, beverages, and a well-earned chance to recount the day’s play.

Golfers can also take advantage of the pro shop, which is stocked with the latest gear and apparel. For those looking to improve their game, the course offers lessons with PGA professionals. These lessons are tailored to each individual’s skill level and are an invaluable resource for enhancing performance.

With a commitment to environmental stewardship, the golf course aligns with the casino’s sustainable practices. It boasts an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary certification, indicative of its dedication to preserving the local flora and fauna.

The Cedars at Dungeness hosts numerous events throughout the year, including member tournaments, charity events, and corporate outings. These gatherings are supported by the course’s comprehensive facilities and the casino’s ample accommodation options, allowing for seamless event execution.

Hailed as one of the best golf values in the Pacific Northwest, Seven Cedars’ championship course offers more than just a game—it’s an immersive experience blending sport, nature, and exceptional amenities for all visitors.

Natural Beauty and Local Culture

Seven Cedars Casino isn’t just a gaming paradise; it’s a destination where natural beauty and local culture merge to create an unforgettable experience. Nestled among the verdant forests of the Olympic Peninsula, the casino offers panoramic views that sweep from the deep blues of the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the towering peaks of the Olympic Mountains. Visitors can breathe in the fresh, pine-scented air, a refreshing change from the smoke-filled casinos one might find elsewhere.

Beyond the allure of nature, Seven Cedars is deeply rooted in the art and traditions of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by stunning totem poles and intricate carvings, each piece telling a story of the tribe’s rich heritage. The interior of the casino showcases a collection of native artwork and cultural exhibits that invite visitors to connect with the history of the region. It’s an immersive cultural journey that complements the high-energy thrill of the casino floor.

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The casino’s commitment to the environment and local community is reflected in its operations. Energy-efficient technologies and sustainable practices are at the forefront, underscoring Seven Cedars’ role as a steward of the land. This synergy of sustainability and cultural appreciation isn’t accidental—it’s a cornerstone of the casino’s ethos.

For those seeking activity beyond the gaming tables, the area around Seven Cedars offers a multitude of outdoor adventures. Majestic hikes, tranquil kayaking routes, and world-class fishing spots are just minutes away. The proximity of these natural excursions means that the casino’s guests can enjoy a holistic experience that feeds the soul as well as it does the spirit of play.

Seven Cedars Casino’s blend of scenic vistas, cultural significance, and environmentally conscious practices truly sets it apart as a special place where luxury meets the legacy. Visitors leave not just with memories of jackpots and wins but with a deeper appreciation for the Olympic Peninsula’s majestic environment and the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s enduring culture.


Seven Cedars Casino offers a unique blend of entertainment and cultural immersion. Nestled in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula, it’s not just a place to play—it’s a destination to experience. Whether you’re there for the thrill of the games, the exceptional dining, or the stunning golf course, you’ll find something that resonates beyond the gaming floor. It stands as a testament to the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s heritage and their commitment to preserving the natural beauty of their ancestral lands. As visitors indulge in the pleasures of the casino, they’re also reminded of the rich tapestry of history and nature that is interwoven into this remarkable venue. Seven Cedars is indeed where excitement meets tradition and where every guest is invited to partake in an extraordinary Pacific Northwest adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Seven Cedars Casino located?

Seven Cedars Casino is located in Sequim, Washington, within the scenic Olympic Peninsula.

Is Seven Cedars Casino near any urban centers?

Yes, the casino is easily accessible from nearby urban centers, though the article does not specify which ones.

How does the casino incorporate indigenous culture in its design?

The casino design features indigenous art and cultural motifs, reflecting the heritage of the local Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe.

What attractions are available at Seven Cedars Casino?

Attractions include a variety of gaming options, live entertainment, multiple dining venues, a championship golf course, and luxurious meeting space.

What makes Seven Cedars Casino unique?

Its unique blend of scenic beauty, cultural significance, and commitment to environmental stewardship sets it apart.

What can visitors expect to take away from a visit to Seven Cedars Casino?

Visitors can expect to leave with memories of both the casino experience and a deeper appreciation for the Olympic Peninsula’s natural beauty and the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s culture.

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