Explore Gaming Bliss at Ramada Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino

Nestled in the heart of the “Biggest Little City in the World,” the Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino offers a blend of comfort and excitement. Guests looking for a stay that promises both relaxation and the thrill of gaming don’t need to look further.

They’ll find an in-depth look at the amenities, gaming options, and dining experiences that set this establishment apart. Whether it’s a family vacation, a business trip, or a weekend getaway, the Ramada has something for everyone.

Stay tuned as they explore why this hotel-casino is a top pick for travelers visiting Reno. From spacious rooms to a vibrant casino floor, there’s a lot to uncover about this popular destination.

Amenities at Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino

The Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino sets itself apart with an impressive array of amenities designed to cater to every guest’s needs. Guest comfort and satisfaction is a top priority, and the hotel delivers with both standard and luxury options.

Guests can enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, ensuring that they stay connected whether they’re in their rooms or enjoying the common areas. For those traveling on business or needing to host a gathering, the hotel offers versatile meeting spaces equipped with the latest audiovisual technology.

Fitness enthusiasts don’t have to skip their routine as the hotel houses a well-maintained fitness center. After a workout or a long day of meetings or sightseeing, guests can unwind in the outdoor swimming pool, open seasonally for a refreshing dip or some poolside relaxation.

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Meeting and event facilities
  • Fitness center
  • Seasonal outdoor pool

The Ramada understands the importance of convenience for its guests. That’s why the on-site parking is complimentary, making it easy for those arriving by car. Additionally, the 24-hour reception service ensures that guests can receive assistance no matter the hour, reinforcing the hotel’s commitment to outstanding hospitality.

For families, the hotel offers options that make stays with children more comfortable, including crib availability upon request. Meanwhile, pet lovers will be relieved to find that their furry friends are welcomed at the Ramada, with pet-friendly rooms available to accommodate those who can’t imagine traveling without their pets.

  • Complimentary on-site parking
  • 24-hour reception
  • Cribs available on request
  • Pet-friendly room options

Whether it’s the thrill of the casino, the comfort of the well-appointed rooms, or the variety of amenities that draws guests in, the Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino ensures that their stay is both memorable and satisfying. Each amenity has been thoughtfully chosen to enhance the overall experience while catering to the diverse preferences and needs of travelers.

Gaming Options at Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino

Delving into the vibrant gaming scene, the Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino boasts an array of options that cater to both casual players and seasoned gamblers. The casino floor is a pulsating hub of excitement, open around the clock, ensuring that the thrill of the game is always within reach.

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Slot enthusiasts will find a diverse selection of machines, from classic reels to the latest video slots, while those preferring a touch of strategy can engage in video poker. For players seeking the dynamism of live action, the hotel casino offers numerous table games including blackjack, roulette, and craps.

The atmosphere within the gaming areas strikes a delicate balance, encapsulating the high-energy environment expected by patrons while maintaining a level of sophistication.

  • Slot Machines: A Blend of Traditional and Modern
  • Table Games: Classic Casino Appeal
  • Video Poker: A Twist on Five-Card Draw

The Ramada’s gaming offerings are further bolstered by frequent promotions and reward programs tailored to intensify the gaming experience. These programs provide guests with the opportunity to earn points, claim bonuses, and participate in exclusive events.

With the casino’s commitment to responsible gaming, patrons can enjoy their favorite games while benefiting from guidance and support services if needed. The hotel ensures that responsible gaming resources are prominently available, underscoring its dedication to guest well-being amidst the allure of casino entertainment.

Enhancing the gaming journey, the Ramada also provides convenient amenities such as cashier services, ATMs, and a comfortable players’ lounge enabling guests to take a break without straying far from the action. With these thoughtful accommodations, the hotel weaves together the threads of exhilarating play and guest-centric care.

Dining Experiences at Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino

The Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino isn’t just a haven for gaming enthusiasts; it’s also a destination for culinary adventurers. Diverse dining options cater to a range of palates, ensuring that guests can find a satisfying meal at any time of the day. From casual bites to refined cuisine, the hotel presents a full spectrum of flavors and dining atmospheres.

The Sunrise CafĂ© stands out with its all-day breakfast, offering classic American fare in a relaxed setting. Patrons can start their day with fluffy pancakes or savory omelets, ensuring they’re fueled for the gaming floor or sightseeing around Reno. For those seeking an elegant dining experience, The Vintage Restaurant showcases gourmet dishes, highlighted by local ingredients and sophisticated culinary techniques.

At the heart of the casino floor, visitors find The Casino Grill, a perfect spot for a quick and tasty meal. The grill’s menu boasts burgers, sandwiches, and other comfort foods that are easily enjoyed between gaming sessions. Not to be overlooked, Sapphire Lounge offers a more laid-back venue where guests can indulge in appetizers and cocktails, accompanied by the soft clinking of slot machines in the background.

For guests with a penchant for culinary diversity, the hotel also features rotating Specialty Cuisine Nights. These events celebrate foods from around the world, adding a dash of global culture to the hotel’s dining repertoire.

Furthermore, the hotel’s room service provides a private dining experience, bringing the same quality meals straight to guest rooms. This convenience means that guests can savor their food in the comfort of their own space, whether they’re winding down for the evening or gearing up for a day of activities.

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Indeed, the Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino ensures that every guest’s dining needs are met with excellence and variety, enhancing the overall experience of their stay.

Accommodations: Spacious Rooms at Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino

After soaking up the vibrant ambience of the casino and savoring diverse culinary delights, guests retire to the comfort and elegance of their rooms at Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino. Each accommodation is designed with the guest’s comfort in mind, ensuring a restful respite from the energy and excitement below.

Rooms are not merely a place to sleep but a sanctuary. The hotel’s accommodations range from standard rooms to lavish suites, all equipped with modern amenities and plush furnishings. Guests can expect the following standard features in every room:

  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi internet access
  • Flat-screen TVs with premium cable channels
  • Coffee makers to jump-start the morning
  • Ergonomic workspaces for business travelers

For upgraded luxury, the suites offer additional space and comfort, lined with comfortable seating areas and enhanced entertainment options. Business travelers and leisure seekers alike can find solace in these well-appointed spaces.

Safety and cleanliness are paramount, with a dedication to impeccable standards that has become a hallmark of the Wyndham brand. The housekeeping team ensures that each room is spotless and sanitized for incoming guests, integrating advanced cleaning protocols and regular quality checks.

The hotel is committed to providing an accessible and welcome experience for all guests. Accessible rooms are available upon request, featuring necessary modifications like roll-in showers and visual alarm systems to ensure a comfortable stay for guests with disabilities.

Beyond the in-room experience, the hotel’s attentive staff is on hand to meet guests’ needs around the clock, offering concierge services to assist with entertainment bookings, transportation arrangements, and local recommendations. They’re always ready to go the extra mile to make sure your stay is memorable.

The Vibrant Casino Floor at Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino

As visitors step onto the casino floor at the Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino, they’re greeted with a kaleidoscope of bright lights and the inviting sounds of jingling coins and triumphant chimes. It’s an exciting world of entertainment that seamlessly blends classic casino charm with contemporary gaming culture.

Slots aficionados will find their joy in the array of machines, ranging from venerable classics to the latest video slots. The sounds of jackpots and bonus rounds echo throughout the space, drawing in players looking for that adrenaline rush. Table games, on the other hand, are the province of those who favor strategy and a touch of elegance. Games like blackjack, roulette, and craps invite both newcomers and seasoned pros to try their hand under the watchful eye of professional dealers.

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For guests interested in a more exclusive experience, high-limit areas offer a sense of privacy and hushed excitement. Here, the stakes are higher, but so are the rewards, catering to those who play not just for fun but for the thrill of significant winnings. Poker players aren’t left out in the cold either. With regular tournaments and cash games, the poker tables are a hotspot for those looking to test their skill and poker face against like-minded individuals.

Beyond the games, the casino floor is thoughtfully designed to keep players engaged and comfortable. The Players’ Lounge is a haven where patrons can take a break from the action, relax with a drink or watch their favorite sports team on large-screen TVs. The carefully curated ambiance fosters an environment where hours can be spent in excitement and comfort.

Promotional events and jackpot draws are regularly announced over the sound system, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the gaming experience. Players can partake in these events, enjoying the added excitement of potentially big payoffs with each promotion designed to amplify the thrill of gaming at the Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino.


The Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino stands out as a premier destination for gaming enthusiasts. With its wide array of slot machines, table games, and poker options, it caters to a diverse crowd. The high-limit areas and regular tournaments add to the excitement, ensuring that both new and experienced players find something to enjoy. The Players’ Lounge and ongoing promotions are the cherry on top, providing a complete casino experience. Whether you’re looking to hit the jackpot or just have a good time, this casino promises an unforgettable visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gaming options are available at Ramada by Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino?

Ramada by Wyndham Reno offers a variety of gaming options including slot machines, table games, video poker, high-limit areas for high stakes, poker tables with tournaments and cash games.

Are there any high-limit gaming areas at the Ramada Reno Casino?

Yes, the casino features exclusive high-limit areas for those looking for higher stakes and greater rewards.

Does the Ramada Reno Casino host poker tournaments?

Yes, the poker tables at Ramada Reno host regular tournaments in addition to offering cash games for poker enthusiasts.

Is there a space to relax at the casino away from the gaming floor?

The Players’ Lounge provides a comfortable space for players to take a break and relax away from the gaming action.

Are there any promotional events or jackpot draws at the Ramada Reno Casino?

The Ramada Reno Casino frequently hosts promotional events and jackpot draws to offer an enhanced gaming experience for players.

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