Prairie Knights Casino: Gaming & Leisure Oasis in ND

Nestled in the heart of North Dakota’s rolling plains, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort offers a winning combination of gaming excitement and serene lodging. With its vibrant array of entertainment options, it’s a hidden gem for both avid gamblers and leisure seekers.

They’ll dive into the array of slot machines, table games, and live events that make Prairie Knights a go-to destination. Whether it’s a weekend escape or a day trip, visitors find more than just a chance to win—they discover a retreat that blends the thrill of Vegas with the tranquil beauty of the prairie.

Stay tuned as they explore all that Prairie Knights Casino has to offer, from the adrenaline-pumping casino floor to the comfortable accommodations and delectable dining experiences. It’s more than a casino; it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

The Vibrant World of Prairie Knights Casino and Resort

When they step into Prairie Knights Casino and Resort, guests are immediately embraced by an atmosphere of excitement and luxury. The casino floor spans over 70,000 square feet and houses an impressive array of gambling activities. Visitors can choose from over 700 slot machines, which feature both classic and current interactive games, appealing to a range of preferences and play styles.

Table games are a centerpiece at Prairie Knights, offering blackjack, craps, and roulette. Seasoned gamblers and newcomers alike find these tables welcoming, as the well-trained staff are always ready to guide through the nuances of each game. For those looking for exclusive action, the high-stakes area provides a quieter environment where higher bets and intense gameplay take the forefront.

Live events and entertainment also play a significant role in defining the vibrant aura of Prairie Knights. There’s never a dull moment with a schedule packed with concerts, stand-up comedy shows, and other live performances. These events draw crowds not only from within North Dakota but from neighboring states as well, turning the resort into a regional hub for entertainment.

Beyond the usual casino amenities, Prairie Knights offers extraordinary experiences to enrich one’s visit. Its proximity to the serene Missouri River lays the foundation for unique outdoor activities, such as fishing and boating, for those who seek a break from the indoor excitement.

The commitment to providing a complete entertainment experience stands out at Prairie Knights Casino and Resort. With a wide range of gaming options and top-tier entertainment, coupled with the natural beauty of the surrounding prairie and the Missouri River, the resort promises an escape that’s both thrilling and tranquil. Each aspect of Prairie Knights is tailored to ensure that guests have diverse and memorable experiences every time they visit.

Gaming Galore: Slot Machines, Table Games, and Live Events

Prairie Knights Casino and Resort spotlights an impressive array of gaming options to cater to every inclination. To the delight of slot enthusiasts, the establishment houses over 700 state-of-the-art slot machines, featuring a blend of classic favorites and the latest industry releases. Players can immerse themselves in a seamless gaming experience with the promise of exciting payoffs and engaging gameplay.

Beyond the rows of shimmering slot machines, the casino floor buzzes with the energy of table games where the stakes are palpable. Fans of card games and the roll of the dice will find their expectations exceeded with:

  • Blackjack, where strategy meets chance
  • Craps, offering thrills with every throw
  • Roulette, where the spin of the wheel decides fortunes
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For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the high-stakes area exclusively serves gaming aficionados with higher limits and enhanced rewards. This section of the casino ensures privacy and an upscale atmosphere for serious players.

Live entertainment is integral to the casino’s vibrant atmosphere, with a packed schedule of events to ensure that there’s always something to amplify the excitement. The events range from concerts featuring well-known artists to local talent showcases and special cultural exhibitions. These live performances are set in versatile venues within the casino, designed to offer guests an unforgettable experience complemented by top-tier acoustics and lighting.

In addition to the wide array of gaming and entertainment options inside, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort leverages its proximity to the breathtaking Missouri River to offer unique leisure activities. Guests are invited to savor the outdoors by engaging in recreational fishing or reveling in a serene boating excursion, imbibing in the natural backdrop that makes the resort a special place.

A Retreat in the Prairie: Serene Lodging and Accommodations

After a thrilling day at the gaming tables or cheering at a live concert, guests at Prairie Knights Casino and Resort can retreat to the comfort of their serene lodging options. The resort takes pride in providing accommodations designed to cater to every visitor’s need, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating stay amidst the hustle and bustle of casino excitement.

Guest rooms within the property offer a harmonious blend of modern amenities and the tranquil ambiance reflective of the surrounding prairie landscape. Each room is thoughtfully appointed with plush bedding, flat-screen TVs, and complimentary Wi-Fi, making it a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. For those seeking more luxury, the resort also offers suites with additional features such as living areas, wet bars, and stunning views that overlook the undulating plains and the winding Missouri River.

Beyond the individual rooms, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort also boasts several guest services aimed at enhancing the comfort level of each stay. There’s a fitness center equipped with an array of exercise machines, for visitors who like to stay active. For those who prefer unwinding, the resort has an indoor swimming pool where guests can take a soothing dip, regardless of the weather outside.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to revel in, as the close proximity to the river invites a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, bird watching, and during the right season, even ice fishing. In these outdoor areas, guests can breathe the fresh prairie air and temporarily disconnect from the digital world, immersing themselves in the natural beauty that envelops this unique destination.

The variety of accommodations combined with the pristine natural environment ensures that visitors have an array of choices to create their perfect stay. Whether it’s resting in a quiet, comfortable room after a round of slots or embracing the North Dakota wilderness, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort encapsulates the essence of a peaceful prairie retreat.

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From Hunger to Satisfaction: Delectable Dining Experiences

Visitors to Prairie Knights Casino and Resort can take their taste buds on an adventure, just as enthralling as the casino games. With multiple dining establishments on site, guests have an array of options to satisfy any craving. It’s not just about playing hard, but also dining well, as every restaurant within the resort provides a unique culinary experience.

The Feast of the Rock stands as the resort’s buffet-style restaurant, offering a vast selection of dishes. Patrons can enjoy various cuisines prepared with fresh, local produce, ensuring a delicious meal that highlights the essence of North Dakota. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the buffet’s endless options cater to even the most discerning palates.

For those seeking a more upscale dining experience, The Hunters Club presents an opportunity to indulge in gourmet dishes that feature the finest cuts of meat and the freshest seafood. The sophisticated ambiance and expertly curated wine list enhance the dining experience, making it ideal for a romantic dinner or a celebratory meal.

For guests who prefer a casual bite, The Prairie Bar & Grill offers a relaxing setting to unwind. Here, one can savor classic American fare while enjoying a cold beer or a handcrafted cocktail. With its informal atmosphere and hearty menu, it’s the perfect place to refuel after an exciting day on the casino floor.

Those in need of a quick snack or a sweet treat have the Coffee Bar at their disposal. It serves a selection of pastries, desserts, and, of course, a variety of coffee beverages. Whether it’s a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon break, the Coffee Bar has something to keep guests energized and ready to tackle more of what Prairie Knights has to offer.

Prairie Knights Casino: More than a Casino – It’s an Adventure

Prairie Knights Casino and Resort isn’t just a location for thrill-seekers looking to hit it big at the tables or the slots; it’s a hub for adventurers from all walks of life. The resort offers an unbeatable mix of gaming action and opportunities to explore the stunning natural surroundings. Nestled near the Missouri River, guests can step out of the casino and into a range of outdoor activities, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.

Guests can enjoy fishing, boating, and hiking in the beautiful North Dakota landscape. The proximity to the Missouri River enriches the resort with a tranquil backdrop that contrasts the electric ambiance of the casino floor. Whether it’s a peaceful sunset reflecting off the water or the rush of landing a prized catch, Prairie Knights Casino provides an escape that caters to nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Adding to the adventure, the resort hosts several cultural and historical sites nearby. Visitors can engage in educative tours that celebrate the rich heritage of the region. They might find themselves immersed in the stories and artifacts that echo the spirit and history of the Great Plains – a poignant reminder that Prairie Knights is seated in a land with deep historical significance.

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Inside, the adventure continues with state-of-the-art gaming technology and a lineup of entertainment that rivals major venues. Live concerts, events and various performances draw in crowds, offering a slice of Vegas right there in North Dakota. With something happening almost every weekend, the resort’s event calendar is a testament to its commitment to providing continuous entertainment.

For family travelers, Prairie Knights ensures the fun isn’t limited to adults. With activities and amenities tailored for younger guests, families can find that sweet spot of enjoyment that caters to all age groups. Supervised programs may be available, allowing parents to enjoy some game time while the kids engage in their own adventures.


Prairie Knights Casino and Resort stands out as a premier destination for those seeking a blend of thrilling gaming and relaxing leisure. With its vast array of slot machines and table games, guests are sure to find the excitement they crave. The resort’s scenic location near the Missouri River adds an extra layer of enjoyment for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it’s through a cultural tour or a live concert, visitors can immerse themselves in the local heritage and vibrant entertainment scene. Families too will find their stay enjoyable with a range of activities tailored to all ages. Prairie Knights Casino and Resort truly offers a diverse experience that caters to every guest’s desire for fun, adventure, and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prairie Knights Casino and Resort?

Prairie Knights Casino and Resort is a gaming and vacation destination located in North Dakota that offers a blend of casino thrill, tranquil accommodations, and varied dining options, alongside live entertainment and outdoor activities near the Missouri River.

What types of gaming can I find at Prairie Knights Casino?

At Prairie Knights Casino, you’ll have access to over 700 slot machines, a range of table games, and an exclusive high-stakes gaming area for those looking for bigger thrills.

Does Prairie Knights Casino offer live entertainment?

Yes, Prairie Knights Casino features a busy schedule of live events and performances, showcasing a variety of entertainment suitable for many interests.

Are there outdoor activities available near the resort?

Absolutely! Located near the Missouri River, guests at the resort can participate in outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, as well as cultural and historical tours that highlight the region’s rich heritage.

Is Prairie Knights Casino and Resort family-friendly?

Yes, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort caters to families, providing a variety of amenities and activities tailored to all age groups, ensuring an enjoyable experience for every family member.

What dining options are available at the resort?

Guests at Prairie Knights Casino and Resort can enjoy a multitude of dining experiences, ranging from casual cafes to upscale dining options, satisfying an array of palates and dining preferences.

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