Mille Lacs Casino Guide: Games, Dining & Hotel Stay

Nestled in the heart of Minnesota, Mille Lacs Casino emerges as a premier destination for gaming enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike. With its vibrant gaming floor and array of entertainment options, it’s no wonder this hotspot is a favorite among locals and tourists.

As they step through the doors, visitors are greeted with the thrilling sound of slot machines and the anticipation of big wins. But there’s more to Mille Lacs Casino than just the games. In this article, we’ll dive into the full experience, from the top-notch dining to the cozy hotel accommodations that await.

Whether they’re aiming for a jackpot or a getaway to unwind, readers will discover why Mille Lacs Casino should be on their radar. Get ready to explore the excitement and comfort that make this casino a must-visit.

Gaming at Mille Lacs Casino

Mille Lacs Casino emerges as a premier destination for gaming aficionados. The casino boasts a variety of games that cater to both novice visitors and seasoned gamblers. With more than 1,500 slot machines, the casino offers a vast array of options including classic reels, video slots, and progressive jackpots that can result in life-changing payouts.

Table games form the core of the casino’s allure, with over 24 games that include Blackjack, Roulette, and a dedicated Poker room for those looking to test their skills against others. The dynamic atmosphere at the tables ensures an exhilarating experience for all players.

The modern Bingo hall takes the traditional game to the next level, providing sessions every week with multiple jackpots and specials that enhance the excitement of calling out “Bingo!” It not only draws in locals but also entices visitors who want to indulge in this classic game with a modern twist.

For individuals who prefer a more exclusive gaming environment, Mille Lacs Casino offers a High-Stakes area. This section of the casino is designed for high rollers, offering higher limits and exceptional service that promises discretion and an unparalleled gaming experience.

Patrons of the casino will appreciate the My Mille Lacs rewards program, which delivers benefits to frequent visitors. Point accrual allows for free play, discounts at various casino amenities, and invitations to special events. This program ensures that dedication to the Mille Lacs gaming experience does not go unnoticed.

In keeping with technological advancements, Mille Lacs Casino has recently introduced cashless gaming options. This innovative feature allows guests to load funds electronically, providing a seamless and secure gaming experience without the need to handle physical cash.

Whether it’s the clang of the slot machines, the flip of a card, or the joyous shout from a Bingo game, Mille Lacs Casino provides a continuous stream of gaming adventures. The ever-evolving game offerings and dedicated spaces for all types of games ensure that every visit can offer something new and exciting for patrons.

Entertainment Options for Everyone

Mille Lacs Casino isn’t just about high-stakes thrills. They cater to a wide audience with an array of entertainment options beyond the casino floor. Live music, comedy shows, and exciting local events are regular features, bringing in crowds who seek a night full of variety and vibrancy. Some of the biggest names in entertainment grace the stage at Mille Lacs, providing guests with memorable experiences alongside their gaming pursuits.

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Patrons can indulge in more than just the auditory and visual feast of live performances. The casino complex houses multiple dining establishments, each offering a spectrum of flavors. From high-end eateries serving gourmet dishes to casual spots perfect for a quick bite, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Culinary delights aren’t just an add-on but a core part of the Mille Lacs experience.

Those seeking relaxation can find solace in the on-site spa services, which offer a peaceful retreat from the excitement of the gaming tables. A variety of treatments are available, designed to rejuvenate and pamper guests.

  • Highlights:
    • Live Performances
    • Premier Dining Options
    • On-Site Spa

Families are also welcomed at Mille Lacs Casino, with amenities that ensure a comfortable stay for guests of all ages. The hotel attached to the casino features spacious rooms and suites, a swimming pool, and a workout facility, making it a convenient and enjoyable stay for both leisure and business travelers.

The casino’s event calendar is packed with seasonal festivities, competitions, and social gatherings that keep the community engaged. These events not only offer additional entertainment but also serve as a testament to Mille Lacs Casino’s commitment to being a central hub of regional activity. From holiday celebrations to local art showcases, the casino is a nexus for cultural happenings.

Mille Lacs Casino is a full package, offering more than just gaming—it’s a place that delivers a complete entertainment experience to all who walk through its doors. Whether it’s gaming, dining, attending an event, or enjoying a show, the casino has something to make every visit remarkable.

Culinary Delights: Dining at Mille Lacs Casino

Mille Lacs Casino is not just a haven for gaming enthusiasts but also a paradise for food lovers. With a wide array of dining options, the casino caters to all tastes, from upscale restaurants to casual dining spots. Guests can savor a variety of culinary experiences, ensuring there’s something to please any palate.

At the forefront of Mille Lacs Casino’s dining venues is the Grand Buffet, offering an all-you-can-eat experience with dishes from around the globe. Its rotating menu features fresh seafood, succulent roasts, and a rich assortment of desserts. It’s a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. For those who prefer a more intimate and upscale dining environment, the elegant 1991 Kitchen named after the year the casino opened, presents a sophisticated menu highlighting local ingredients and fine cuisine.

Casual diners have a host of options as well. The Up North Bar serves a selection of pub favorites alongside an impressive list of craft beers and cocktails, perfect for a relaxed meal. For quick bites, Plums is the go-to spot, offering everything from sandwiches to snacks, easily enjoyed on the gaming floor.

Additionally, Mille Lacs Casino hosts a variety of themed dining events throughout the year, adding an extra layer of excitement to the dining experience. These events often feature specialized menus and pairings, such as wine and dine nights or seasonal culinary showcases.

  • Grand Buffet: global cuisine
  • 1991 Kitchen: fine dining with local flavors
  • Up North Bar: pub fare and drinks
  • Plums: quick and casual snacks
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The casino’s commitment to providing a memorable culinary experience is evident in the quality and variety of its offerings. The well-curated menus and the ambiance of each restaurant align seamlessly with the entertainment options, solidifying Mille Lacs Casino as a top-tier destination not only for gaming but for dining as well.

The Perfect Getaway: Hotel Accommodations

After days filled with thrilling gaming and delectable dining, Mille Lacs Casino offers guests the ultimate comfort in their hotel accommodations. With a selection of rooms and suites, the hotel caters to a wide array of preferences and budgets. Luxurious suites provide ample space and upscale amenities for those seeking a lavish retreat, while standard rooms offer cozy comforts for a restful night’s sleep.

Guests at the Mille Lacs Casino hotel enjoy access to a variety of amenities designed to enhance their stay. A heated indoor pool and hot tub beckon for relaxation after a lively day at the casino. Fitness enthusiasts don’t have to break their routine thanks to the fully equipped on-site gym, available to all visitors of the hotel.

Business travelers find Mille Lacs Casino’s hotel accommodations to be resourceful, with complimentary Wi-Fi and meeting facilities that enable productivity amidst the excitement. The hotel prides itself on its versatile spaces, perfect for both corporate events and social gatherings.

For those looking to explore the surrounding area, the hotel’s location is ideal. Positioned near the stunning Mille Lacs Lake, outdoor enthusiasts can easily transition from indoor entertainment to outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, and nature trails.

The Mille Lacs Casino also understands the importance of customer service, ensuring that all guests receive the utmost attention from dedicated staff. Loyalty program members benefit from perks such as room upgrades and late check-outs, making each visit both memorable and rewarding.

Regardless of the reason for their stay, hotel guests find that Mille Lacs Casino offers more than just a place to rest—it provides a holistic experience that balances the thrill of gaming with the sanctuary of well-appointed accommodations.

Why Mille Lacs Casino is a Must-Visit

Mille Lacs Casino stands out as an entertainment hotspot due to its comprehensive offerings that cater to every guest’s desire. It’s not just the expansive gaming floor that draws crowds but also the exceptional service and the vibrant atmosphere that makes every visit unforgettable.

At its core, Mille Lacs Casino operates with a guest-centric approach, ensuring that each visitor is treated to an unparalleled gaming experience. From the beginner to the seasoned gambler, there’s something here that suits every taste and skill level. The establishment constantly updates its game library and integrates innovative technology such as cashless gaming options, keeping the casino experience both current and convenient.

But the allure doesn’t stop at gaming. Mille Lacs Casino’s diverse culinary options have become a huge draw. Food enthusiasts revel in the gastronomic journey that traverses various cuisines. Whether it’s a taste of the local flavor in the sophisticated 1991 Kitchen or a night indulging in global dishes at the Grand Buffet, the casino prides itself on providing memorable dining experiences.

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Furthermore, Mille Lacs Casino places significant emphasis on comfort and convenience, presenting a range of hotel accommodations. The various room options ensure guests find the perfect fit for their stay, all within a stone’s throw from thrilling casino action. The proximity to Mille Lacs Lake invites exploration and outdoor adventures, seamlessly blending the thrill of gaming with the tranquility of nature.

Adding to the reasons to visit is the casino’s commitment to regular promotions and events. Mille Lacs Casino hosts exciting draws, games, and seasonal festivals, infusing each visit with the potential for something new and exhilarating. Through these events, visitors can feel the dynamic pulse of the casino community.

Loyal customers are recognized and rewarded through a well-structured rewards program. This program opens the door to a host of benefits, from complementary amenities to exclusive invites, ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment in a future visit packed with perks.


Mille Lacs Casino stands out as a holistic entertainment hub where guests can indulge in a thrilling gaming experience, savor culinary excellence, and relax in comfortable accommodations. With its innovative cashless gaming system, an array of dining options, and a commitment to hosting engaging events, the casino ensures a memorable visit for all. Whether it’s the allure of a potential jackpot, the enjoyment of a gourmet meal, or the comfort of a luxury suite, Mille Lacs Casino provides an all-encompassing getaway. It’s not just a casino; it’s a destination where every visit is unique and every moment is an opportunity for enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gaming options are available at Mille Lacs Casino?

Mille Lacs Casino offers a diverse array of gaming options, including slot machines, blackjack tables, and a bingo hall. The casino has also introduced cashless gaming for a more convenient experience.

Can you dine at Mille Lacs Casino?

Yes, there are several dining options available at Mille Lacs Casino, ranging from casual eats to fine dining. Themed dining events are also regularly hosted at the casino.

What type of accommodations does Mille Lacs Casino provide?

Mille Lacs Casino features a hotel with a variety of rooms and suites to cater to guests’ preferences. The accommodations ensure comfort and convenience, with easy access to outdoor activities.

Are there any promotions or events at Mille Lacs Casino?

Yes, Mille Lacs Casino regularly offers promotions and hosts special events for guests. These can enhance the gaming experience and provide additional entertainment for visitors.

Does Mille Lacs Casino have a rewards program?

Mille Lacs Casino offers a loyalty rewards program for its customers. This program rewards frequent visitors with special offers, discounts, and exclusive promotions.

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