Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre: Seating Guide & Tips

Planning a visit to the iconic Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre? They’ll want to snag the best seats for an unforgettable experience. This outdoor music venue boasts a vast seating area, and understanding its layout is key to a fantastic event.

They’re in luck because this article’s got the scoop on the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre seating chart. Whether they’re eyeing a spot close to the stage or prefer the panoramic view from the lawn, we’ll help them find their perfect seat. Keep reading as we dive into the details that’ll make their next concert a hit.

Seating Chart Overview

The Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre boasts a diverse seating arrangement catering to various preferences and experiences. At its capacity, this outdoor venue accommodates approximately 20,000 attendees, balancing between pavilion seats and a sprawling lawn area.

Pavilion Seats

The pavilion seating is divided into three main sections:

  • Lower Pavilion
  • Middle Pavilion
  • Upper Pavilion

Each section offers its exclusive perks. The lower pavilion typically provides the closest view of the stage, ensuring an intimate concert experience for fans. The seats are numbered from left to right when facing the stage, ensuring an easy navigation process. The middle pavilion strikes a balance, offering an intermediary vantage point. It’s ideal for those who appreciate a broader view without being too far from the live action. The upper pavilion, although further back, guarantees an unobstructed line of sight to the stage, often at a more accessible price point.

Lawn Seating

The lawn at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre is famous for its relaxed atmosphere where concert-goers can lounge on blankets or lawn chairs. It’s a favored spot for those seeking a more casual experience or attending in larger groups. The lawn area is open-seating, offering fans the flexibility to arrive at their leisure and pick a spot they find most compelling.

Section Capacity View of Stage
Lower Pavilion Limited Closest
Middle Pavilion Moderate Intermediary
Upper Pavilion High Unobstructed
Lawn High Open-seating

Audio and visual technologies are strategically deployed throughout the venue to ensure that performances are immersive regardless of seating. High-definition screens flank the stage, and state-of-the-art sound systems amplify the live music, transcending any physical distance from the performers.

For the ideal visit to Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, reviewing the seating chart beforehand is crucial. Patrons can select their desired seat and assess convenience factors such as access to restrooms and concessions based on their chosen location. Seasoned concert-goers recommend early planning for pavilion seats or arriving ahead of time for prime lawn positions.

Reserved Seating Sections

The Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre offers a variety of reserved seating options for concert-goers seeking a guaranteed spot with clear sightlines to the stage. These sections are meticulously planned to cater to differing preferences in viewing and comfort.

The Lower Pavilion seats are closest to the stage, providing an immersive experience that puts attendees right in the action. Enthusiasts seeking the thrill of a live performance and the intimacy of seeing their favorite artists up close often opt for these premium seats. These tickets are typically the most sought-after and sell quickly due to their prime location.

Moving up, the Middle Pavilion boasts seats that strike a balance between proximity to the stage and an elevated perspective. This vantage point is ideal for those who enjoy a comprehensive view of the entire stage set-up, along with the energy of the crowd below. Patrons seated here appreciate the mix of engagement and comfort, making it a popular choice for varied audiences.

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The Upper Pavilion, while further from the stage, offers an unobstructed aerial view, and the acoustics from this section can be quite impressive. As these seats are higher, they often come with a more budget-friendly price tag, which makes attending big-name concerts more accessible to a wider audience.

Each section has a dedicated entrance, ensuring smooth traffic flow and convenience for ticket holders. Furthermore, every seat is fixed with a clear number, eliminating confusion and easing the process of finding one’s place in the crowd.

Patrons should also note that the amphitheater is ADA compliant, with reserved spaces and necessary accommodations for guests with disabilities available in each section. These spaces are designed to provide an equitable viewing experience, and support staff are on hand to assist with any special requests.

For those planning their visit, it’s advisable to check the latest event details and specific seat availability, as configurations may vary depending on the performance.

General Admission Lawn

The Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre also offers a swath of General Admission Lawn seating, attracting guests with its casual, picnic-like atmosphere. Unlike the structured seating within the pavilions, the Lawn allows concertgoers to spread out on the grass and enjoy live performances under the open sky. It’s a haven for music enthusiasts who prefer a more relaxed experience.

Lawn tickets are typically more affordable, making this area a popular choice for fans on a budget. This expansive green space is situated behind the pavilion seats, yet it still provides adequate sightlines to the stage. The audio system extends to the Lawn, ensuring all attendees can enjoy quality sound from any spot.

Patrons should note that lawn seating is on a first-come, first-served basis and can accommodate a large number of guests. It’s essential to arrive early for the best locations, as the area can quickly fill up for high-demand performances. The Lawn at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre is well-known for its vibrant atmosphere where groups of friends and families can gather to enjoy an evening of live music.

To enhance the General Admission Lawn experience, guests are permitted to bring blankets or low-back lawn chairs for comfort. However, they should check the venue’s policy beforehand as restrictions may apply for certain events. Food and beverages are available for purchase at various concession stands, and patrons are encouraged to stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months.

Accessibility is also taken into consideration, with designated areas for those requiring accommodations. These spaces ensure that the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre remains an inclusive venue for all music lovers, regardless of mobility concerns. When planning a visit, it’s advised to review the amphitheatre’s prohibited items list as well as the weather forecast to prepare for an unforgettable outdoor concert experience.

VIP and Premium Seating

For concertgoers seeking an upgraded experience at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, VIP and Premium Seating options offer exclusive benefits and unparalleled views of the stage. These select seats are designed for ultimate comfort and convenience, allowing patrons to enjoy the performance in style.

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The VIP seating area, typically located within the lower pavilion, includes luxury box seats that are often considered some of the best in the house. Guests in these sections enjoy cushioned seating, more legroom, and often have access to wait service, allowing them to order food and beverages directly to their seats. These perks come together to create a memorable event experience that transcends the typical concert outing.

The Premium Club Seats represent another tier of high-end seating. These seats are centrally located to provide optimal sightlines to the stage and sometimes include access to a private club or lounge. This area is equipped with comfortable seating, private restrooms, and a separate entrance to avoid the crowds, ensuring a more exclusive atmosphere.

For those looking for the ultimate VIP treatment, the Box Suites and Club Level amenities might include:

  • Private seating areas with a clear view of the performance
  • VIP parking passes for easy venue access
  • Exclusive VIP entrance to skip the long lines
  • In-seat wait service to order food and beverages

It’s essential for attendees interested in these luxurious experiences to book their tickets well in advance, as these seats are in high demand. Additionally, the availability of VIP amenities can vary by event, so it’s recommended to check the specific concert details when purchasing tickets.

Different concert packages may offer various levels of exclusivity and benefits. Here are some examples of what might be included:

Feature VIP Seats Club Seats
Padded Seats Yes Yes
Private Entrance Yes Sometimes
VIP Parking Sometimes No
Access to Private Restrooms Yes Yes
In-Seat Wait Service Yes No

Ticket holders should also be aware of any additional privileges, like VIP events or meet-and-greet opportunities, that could enrich their concert experience.

Finding the Best Seat

Securing the perfect seat at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre isn’t just about clear views or acoustic quality; it’s also about matching the seating choice to the individual’s expectations and budget. While premium seating options offer unparalleled views and amenities, not everyone is looking for a luxury experience. For those who prefer to be closer to the artists, Sections 101 to 103 may be the optimal choice, offering proximity that brings the live music experience to a whole new level.

The middle pavilion seats often provide a balanced experience. Sections 202 to 208 strike a fine balance between distance from the stage and ticket price. These seats still afford good sightlines and sound, without the premium price tag of the VIP areas. For cost-effective solutions without compromising enjoyment, fans might consider the 200 level as a savvy choice.

Budget-conscious attendees often gravitate towards the lawn area, yet they may not realize the hidden gem of the amphitheatre’s seating configuration: the upper-level seats. These seats can offer an excellent view of the entire stage layout, especially for large productions or festivals where there is more to see than just the performers. Plus, the camaraderie among fans in the upper echelons adds a vibrant atmosphere that’s hard to find in the more exclusive sections.

Understanding the nuances of each section’s perspective takes time, but it’s worth the investment for regular attendees. Networking with fellow concert-goers and exploring fan forums can unveil insider tips on sightlines for specific sections. Additionally, checking out the venue’s official website or contacting the box office can provide updates on potential obstructions or changes in the seating layout for particular events.

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When booking tickets, always remember that concert experiences can vary widely, even within the same section, depending on factors like the performance itself, stage design, and personal preferences. Savvy concert-goers should also keep an eye out for special offers or package deals that might include better seats for a nominal upgrade fee.


Choosing the right seat at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre can make all the difference in your concert experience. Whether you’re aiming for the up-close engagement of Sections 101 to 103, the value of the middle tiers, or the panoramic views from the upper levels, there’s a spot that fits your preference and budget. Remember to leverage the collective wisdom of the concert community and stay informed through the venue’s resources to snag the best seats. With the right approach, you’re set for an unforgettable event at this iconic venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the seating options at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre?

The Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre offers various seating areas including pavilion seating, lawn seating, VIP and Premium options. The pavilion includes Sections 101-103 for proximity to the stage, and Sections 202-208 for good sightlines at a more affordable price. Lawn seating provides a relaxed atmosphere, while VIP and Premium seats come with exclusive benefits.

What benefits do VIP and Premium seating offer?

VIP and Premium seating options at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre provide guests with unparalleled views of the stage, exclusive amenities, and sometimes separate entry ways or lounging areas which enhance the concert experience beyond standard ticket offerings.

Is lawn seating a good option at the amphitheatre?

Yes, lawn seating is a good option for those looking for a more relaxed concert experience. It allows guests to sit on a grassy area further back from the stage, offering flexibility to stretch out and the freedom to choose where to sit.

Where do I find the best seats for my budget?

To find the best seats for your budget, consider the pavilion’s Sections 202-208 for a balance of price and sightlines, or explore the upper-level seats which can be a less expensive option with a good view of the stage. Always check for special offers or package deals for potential upgrades.

How can I get insider tips on the best sightlines?

Networking with fellow concert-goers and participating in fan forums can offer valuable insider tips on which seats have the best sightlines at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. These platforms can provide real patron experiences and advice.

Where can I get updates on the seating layout?

For the most current updates on the seating layout at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, it’s recommended to visit the venue’s official website or contact the box office directly. This ensures you have the most accurate and updated information.

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