Top Foxwoods Casino Restaurants: A Guide to Fine Dining

Foxwoods Resort Casino isn’t just a haven for gaming enthusiasts—it’s a culinary adventure waiting to be discovered. With a diverse array of restaurants, they’ve transformed dining into more than just a meal; it’s an experience. From sizzling steaks to succulent seafood, each venue promises a unique flavor that tantalizes the taste buds.

They’ll dive into the top dining spots that make Foxwoods a foodie’s paradise. Whether you’re craving fine dining or casual eats, they’ve got the scoop on where to find the best bites. Get ready to explore the gastronomic gems nestled within this casino giant’s walls.

Top Dining Spots at Foxwoods Casino

Foxwoods Resort Casino’s culinary roster is as diverse as the games on its casino floor. From steakhouses that serve up sumptuous cuts of beef to authentic Italian eateries that transport diners to the streets of Tuscany, there’s a flavor for every palate.

David Burke Prime is one of the premium spots, known for its patented dry-aged steaks and fresh seafood. The atmosphere is upscale, yet inviting, making it a top choice for those looking to indulge in a luxurious dining experience. Patrons can’t go wrong with the classic ribeye or a plate of oysters from the raw bar.

For guests leaning towards Asian-inspired dishes, Red Lantern offers an extensive menu featuring sushi, sizzling platters, and specialty cocktails. The décor is as striking as the food, with red hues and lanterns creating an ambience that’s both vibrant and cozy.

Italian cuisine aficionados will appreciate Alta Strada, where the pasta is made fresh daily, and the flavors are bold and authentic. This spot strikes the perfect balance between casual and sophisticated, encouraging diners to relax and enjoy their meal at a leisurely pace.

For those seeking a more casual bite, The Scorpion Bar combines a Mexican-inspired menu with the energy of a sports bar. Tacos, nachos, and a variety of tequilas are the main draws here. The lively atmosphere is perfect for a quick meal or drinks with friends.

Junior’s harks back to classic New York deli-style dining, offering everything from towering sandwiches to cheesecakes. It’s an ideal stop for a hearty breakfast or a satisfying late-night snack.

The diversity of Foxwoods’ dining options ensures that guests can find something to satisfy their cravings at any time of the day. Each restaurant offers a unique atmosphere coupled with a commitment to quality that makes dining at Foxwoods a memorable part of the casino experience. Whether it’s a sophisticated dinner or a quick snack, these top dining spots are not to be underestimated.

Fine Dining Options

Foxwoods Resort Casino isn’t just synonymous with gaming; it’s also a haven for food enthusiasts seeking premier fine dining experiences. The resort boasts an impressive lineup of upscale restaurants that offer everything from succulent steaks to fresh seafood, and each establishment promises a meal that’s as unforgettable as the gaming floors are thrilling.

David Burke Prime stands out as the go-to destination for steak lovers. Here, patrons can indulge in a range of choice cuts including a 75-day dry-aged steak, which is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to flavor and quality. The sophisticated ambiance of David Burke Prime, combined with a comprehensive wine list, sets the stage for a gastronomic experience that’s both refined and satisfying.

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Not to be outdone, Paragon is another gem among Foxwoods’ fine dining spots. This restaurant features stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, adding a visual feast to the exquisite flavors on the plate. Paragon’s menu is a carefully curated selection of international cuisine, drawing inspiration from French and Asian culinary traditions to create dishes that are both innovative and delectable.

Seafood aficionados will find their haven at Cedars Steakhouse & Oyster Bar. Well-known for its fresh oysters and array of seafood options, Cedars also provides guests with a high-end twist on classic American dishes. What’s more, the attentive service and elegant dining room ensure that every meal is served with a touch of exclusivity.

  • David Burke Prime: Renowned for its exceptional steaks
  • Paragon: Offers International cuisine with French and Asian influences
  • Cedars Steakhouse & Oyster Bar: Known for its seafood and classic American fare

The inclusion of such fine dining options at Foxwoods Resort Casino ensures that guests can enjoy luxury dining at its finest. With each restaurant offering a distinct culinary adventure, dine-hards will find themselves spoilt for choice in their pursuit of sumptuous and beautifully presented dishes.

Casual Eats at Foxwoods

Aside from the luxurious fine dining options, Foxwoods Resort Casino caters to guests looking for casual dining experiences. These laid-back eateries offer a diverse range of food choices that satisfy cravings for comfort food without the high-end price tag.

Junior’s, a Brooklyn original, presents a tempting selection of deli sandwiches, burgers, and of course, its iconic New York-style cheesecake. Known for its vintage charm and hearty portions, Junior’s is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys classic American dining.

For those seeking a quick bite, Fuddruckers provides an engaging atmosphere along with its reputation as the home of the World’s Greatest Hamburgers. Their build-your-own burger experience allows diners to craft a personalized meal that’s as unique as their tastes.

Pizza enthusiasts can revel in the comfort of delectable, hand-tossed pizzas at California Pizza Kitchen. The menu also features signature dishes like the Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, salads, and pastas, reflecting the innovative spirit of California cuisine.

Foxwoods also meets the needs of health-conscious visitors. The Salad Express specializes in fresh, made-to-order salads and wraps, incorporating high-quality ingredients and a multitude of topping choices. It’s the ideal spot for those who want to maintain their wellness regimen without sacrificing flavor.

Visitors yearning for a taste of Asia can find solace in the diverse offerings of Panda Express. This fast-casual eatery is recognized for its flavorful Chinese-American dishes such as Orange Chicken and Beijing Beef, dished up in an efficient, friendly environment.

Eatery Specialization Known For
Junior’s American Deli & Cheesecakes New York-Style Cheesecake
Fuddruckers Burgers Build-Your-Own Burger Experience
California Pizza Kitchen Pizza & Casual Fare Original BBQ Chicken Pizza
The Salad Express Salads & Wraps Fresh, Made-to-Order Salads
Panda Express Chinese-American Cuisine Orange Chicken, Beijing Beef

Where to Find the Best Bites

When the cravings kick in at Foxwoods Resort Casino, finding the best bites is an adventure in its own right. Guests who explore the sprawling grounds will uncover a smorgasbord of delectable dining options that cater to a multitude of tastes and occasions.

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David Burke Prime offers a premier steakhouse experience with its selection of USDA prime cuts and fresh seafood. Regarded as a top-tier destination for steak aficionados, this establishment takes pride in its dry-aged meat process, enhancing flavors to perfection. Visitors often rave about the lobster bisque and the 40-day dry-aged Porterhouse, key highlights not to be missed.

For an Italian culinary journey, Alta Strada brings the heart of Tuscany to Connecticut with Chef Michael Schlow at the helm. Renowned for its authentic pasta dishes and exquisite wine list, Alta Strada promises a vibrant atmosphere paired with a menu rich in Italian classics.

Seafood lovers will find their paradise at the Cedars Steak & Oysters. With a selection that ranges from succulent oysters to fresh-caught lobster, this venue offers a dive into oceanic flavors. Known for its refined yet approachable menu, diners enjoy not just the food but the upscale ambiance that blends comfort with luxury.

At Foxwoods, the culinary scene is as diverse as it is impressive, ensuring that no matter where guests choose to satisfy their hunger, the experience will be nothing short of exceptional. Whether it’s savoring a high-end meal, indulging in comfort food, or grabbing a quick bite to refuel before heading back to the gaming floors, the resort caters to every whim and preference.

As the myriad of options unfolds, foodies and casual diners alike are encouraged to take their taste buds on a journey of flavors — each restaurant, a chapter in the Foxwoods epicurean story. With every meal and every dish, Foxwoods solidifies its reputation not just as a gaming haven but as a destination for culinary excellence.

Gastronomic Gems at Foxwoods

Foxwoods Resort Casino isn’t just a haven for gaming enthusiasts – it’s a paradise for food lovers too. With an array of high-end dining establishments, this destination satisfies even the most discerning palate. The resort’s dedication to culinary excellence is evident in its careful selection of top chefs and premium ingredients.

David Burke Prime stands out with its impeccable service and innovative cuisine. Renowned for its dry-aged steaks, the restaurant takes pride in a patented aging process that results in succulent and flavorful meat. At Alta Strada, the spotlight is on authentic Italian cuisine. From homemade pasta to classic dishes with a twist, the chefs here pour their passion into each dish, transporting diners straight to the heart of Italy.

Cedars Steak & Oysters is another hot spot for gourmet dining. Patrons rave about the fresh oysters and the legendary seafood tower – a must-try for seafood aficionados. With its refined atmosphere and an extensive wine list, Cedars provides the perfect backdrop for a luxurious dining experience.

Foxwoods also caters to the connoisseurs of Asian flavors. Restaurants such as Red Lantern offer an upscale environment where East meets West, providing guests with a range of tantalizing Asian dishes. The creativity of the menu items reflects a modern twist on traditional Asian cuisine, ensuring a memorable meal with every visit.

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Not only does Foxwoods present these exclusive dining options, but the resort also hosts a number of events throughout the year where food takes center stage. From wine and food festivals to gourmet galas, these culinary events showcase the expertise of Foxwoods chefs and offer guests the opportunity to indulge in exceptional fare.

What’s more, these gastronomic experiences are complemented by Foxwoods’ commitment to providing outstanding customer service. Diners receive personal attention and are made to feel like VIPs, which adds a significant touch of class to every meal. With every bite and sip, visitors realize that at Foxwoods, excellence isn’t just a standard – it’s a tradition.


Foxwoods Resort Casino stands out not only for its thrilling gaming options but also for its exceptional dining experiences. Whether you’re craving dry-aged steak, fresh seafood, authentic Italian pasta, or innovative Asian dishes, Foxwoods caters to every palate. The resort’s dedication to culinary excellence is evident in the diverse offerings and the special events that celebrate the talents of its chefs. With a commitment to top-notch customer service, every meal at Foxwoods is more than just dining—it’s an experience that complements the excitement and luxury of the casino life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What high-end dining options are available at Foxwoods Resort Casino?

Foxwoods Resort Casino features premier dining experiences at restaurants such as David Burke Prime, Alta Strada, Cedars Steak & Oysters, and Red Lantern, each offering gourmet dishes prepared with exquisite culinary techniques.

What special dishes are recommended at David Burke Prime?

At David Burke Prime, the signature dry-aged meats and the acclaimed lobster bisque are highly recommended for their exceptional taste and quality.

Does Alta Strada offer authentic Italian cuisine?

Yes, Alta Strada is celebrated for its authentic Italian pasta dishes, providing guests with a true taste of Italy within the resort.

What kind of seafood can I expect at Cedars Steak & Oysters?

Cedars Steak & Oysters offers a wide selection of seafood, including fresh oysters and other premium-quality seafood dishes, making it a perfect spot for seafood lovers.

Is there a modern twist on traditional Asian cuisine at Red Lantern?

Indeed, Red Lantern is renowned for infusing a modern twist into traditional Asian cuisine, offering innovative and contemporary dishes that excite the palate.

Does Foxwoods Resort Casino cater to different dietary preferences?

Absolutely, Foxwoods Resort Casino prides itself on its diverse culinary scene, catering to various preferences and whims, ensuring a palatable experience for every guest.

Are there culinary events at Foxwoods Resort Casino?

Foxwoods Resort Casino hosts a variety of culinary events throughout the year, showcasing the skills of its chefs and providing guests with exceptional dining opportunities.

How does customer service enhance the dining experience at Foxwoods?

Foxwoods Resort Casino’s commitment to outstanding customer service adds a sophisticated touch to every dining experience, elevating the overall quality and enjoyment for guests.

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