Downstream Casino Resort Guide: Games, Dine & Spa Retreat

Nestled in the northeast corner of Oklahoma, Downstream Casino Resort offers a blend of gaming excitement and luxurious amenities. From the clang of slot machines to the anticipation at the poker tables, they’ve got thrills to suit every gambler.

But there’s more to this entertainment oasis than just high stakes and jackpot bells. They provide top-notch dining experiences, live entertainment, and a serene spa retreat. Stay tuned as we dive into what makes Downstream Casino a premier destination for both the high-roller and the leisure-seeker alike.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or just curious about what sets Downstream apart, this article’s got you covered. Get ready to explore the ins and outs of this gaming paradise.

The Location of Downstream Casino

Nestled in the northeastern corner of Oklahoma, Downstream Casino Resort marks its prominence at the meeting point of three states: Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. This tri-state area, often referred to as the “Three Corners,” provides a unique geographic draw for visitors looking for an exciting getaway that straddles multiple states.

The casino’s prime location, just off of Interstate 44, makes it easily accessible for travelers. It’s positioned only about ten miles from the town of Joplin, Missouri, which adds an additional layer of convenience for guests arriving from nearby urban centers. The close proximity to the Joplin Regional Airport further simplifies the arrival process for those flying in from farther afield.

Apart from its ease of access, the surrounding landscape of the Ozarks provides a picturesque backdrop for guests. They’re not only treated to first-class entertainment and gaming but also to the natural beauty of the region. The Ozark’s rolling hills and lush valleys offer a tranquil contrast to the vibrant energy of the casino floor.

For visitors seeking to explore nearby attractions, the location serves as an excellent base. Must-see landmarks such as the historic Route 66, now known as Oklahoma Highway 10, are a short drive away, offering a glimpse into America’s storied past and evoking a sense of nostalgia.

From its strategic vantage point at the cusp of three different states, Downstream Casino taps into a diverse demographic, enhancing its appeal as a regional entertainment hub. The area’s demographic diversity reflects in the tailored experiences the resort offers, ensuring that every visitor, regardless of origin, finds something to revel in during their stay.

Gaming Options at Downstream Casino

Downstream Casino Resort draws in crowds with its diverse range of gaming options. Patrons have their pick from 2,000 slot machines, each offering a different theme, payout, and gaming experience. From classic reels to the latest in video technology, slot enthusiasts will find games that suit their style and their desire for adventure.

Table games are a staple at the resort, with over 30 tables offering classics like Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps. For those seeking a more competitive edge, the poker room presents a variety of games including Texas Hold’em and Omaha, ideal for seasoned players and newcomers alike.

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Below are key statistics on gaming options at Downstream Casino:

Gaming Option Quantity
Slot Machines 2,000
Table Games 30+
Poker Room Games Various

High-stakes play is available for guests looking to elevate the risk and reward of their gaming experience. The exclusive high-limit area provides not only privacy but also games with higher denominations, ensuring that every bet can be as thrilling as the last.

Bingo enthusiasts haven’t been forgotten. Downstream’s bingo hall touts state-of-the-art electronic bingo alongside traditional paper play, accommodating every type of bingo player. The excitement escalates during special bingo nights, where bigger surprises await.

The resort’s commitment to gaming does not stop at providing variety. They’re continuously updating their gaming floor with the newest and most popular games, ensuring that the casino stays at the forefront of the gaming industry. This strategy keeps players engaged and continually attracts a stream of new guests eager to try the latest gaming offerings.

Dining Experiences at Downstream Casino

Downstream Casino Resort doesn’t just excel at gaming; it’s also a hotspot for diverse dining options that satisfy every palate. Gastronomy at the resort spans several restaurants and quick bites that range from upscale dining to casual eateries.

Red Oak Steakhouse stands out with its farm-to-table approach, sourcing ingredients from the resort’s own cattle ranch and greenhouses. Diners at Red Oak experience not just a meal but a sumptuous dining event complete with fine wines and expertly aged beef.

For those looking for variety, the Spring River Buffet offers an impressive selection of dishes. With different stations that serve up everything from Italian to Asian cuisine, the buffet ensures that there’s something to make everyone’s mouth water.

Casual dining is also well-represented. Legends Sports Bar presents a laid-back setting where guests can catch a game and enjoy classic American pub fare. Its vibrant atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for relaxing after a few rounds at the slots or tables.

For a quick snack or a light meal, Má-Zu dispenses grab-and-go options that don’t skimp on flavor. Their assortment of pastries, sandwiches, and coffees caters to guests on the move.

The dining experiences at Downstream Casino Resort are rounded off with seasonal offerings and special culinary events that keep the resort’s food scene vibrant and fresh. On top of that, the resort regularly hosts tasting events and chef specials that allow guests to indulge in unique flavors and dishes curated by the resident culinary experts.

Downstream’s commitment to excellent dining experiences compliments its gaming offerings, providing guests with a comprehensive resort experience that delights all the senses. Whether visiting for the casino thrills or the gourmet delights, Downstream Casino Resort ensures that every guest has their taste for excitement and flavor thoroughly satisfied.

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Live Entertainment at Downstream Casino

Downstream Casino Resort’s live entertainment roster is as pulsating as its gaming floors. Guests of the resort can look forward to a stellar lineup of performances ranging from musical concerts by nationally recognized artists to stand-up comedy shows that promise a night full of laughter. This section of the resort truly shines, transforming the atmosphere into a vibrant concert hall or a lively comedy club depending on the schedule.

The venue is known for its state-of-the-art sound system, which ensures an immersive experience for every attendee. Coupled with comfortable seating arrangements and strategic stage placement, patrons are guaranteed an unobstructed view, making every show a memorable one. The resort’s entertainment lineup is carefully curated to cater to a wide array of tastes, ensuring that there’s something appealing for everyone.

Upcoming Entertainment Highlights

  • Seasonal concerts with genres varying from rock and country to jazz and blues
  • Comedy nights featuring top-tier comedians for an evening of unabridged joy
  • Tribute bands bringing back the magic of yesteryears with classic hits
  • Special themed events that coincide with holidays and significant calendar dates

The resort’s dedication to delivering non-stop entertainment is evident through their seamless scheduling of events throughout the year. Regular updates to their entertainment calendar mean guests always have something to look forward to during their stay at Downstream Casino Resort.

Booking tickets for these events is made easy through the casino’s user-friendly website, where guests can also find detailed information about upcoming shows, including date, time, and seating options. This hassle-free approach to entertainment planning adds to the exceptional guest experience the resort strives to offer, emphasizing convenience and accessibility.

With a variety of shows catering to different interests, the atmosphere at the Downstream Casino Resort always buzzes with anticipation and excitement, enhancing the overall resort experience. Whether guests are winding down from a day at the slots or gearing up for a night out, the live entertainment offerings at Downstream Casino Resort complement the exuberance of casino life impeccably.

The Spa Retreat at Downstream Casino

Guests seeking relaxation at Downstream Casino Resort have the perfect sanctuary at the exclusive Spa. A haven of tranquility, the Spa Retreat offers a luxurious range of services that cater to well-being and pampering.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted with a serene atmosphere that sets the tone for a rejuvenating experience. The Spa features state-of-the-art facilities, including steam rooms, saunas, and a contemporary fitness center. Each amenity is meticulously maintained, providing a clean, inviting environment.

Services and Treatments

The extensive menu of treatments at the Spa Retreat promises to meet the diverse needs of every guest. Patrons can indulge in:

  • Customized Facial Treatments tailored to each skin type
  • Massage Therapies including deep tissue, Swedish, and hot stone massages
  • Body Scrubs and wraps infused with nourishing, natural ingredients
  • Manicure and Pedicure Services for ultimate hand and foot care
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Wellness Focus

The Spa Retreat emphasizes holistic wellness, incorporating both traditional and innovative approaches to health and relaxation. Highly skilled therapists ensure that each guest receives personalized attention, with treatment plans designed to provide the utmost in comfort and effectiveness.

Membership and Packages

Downstream Casino Resort understands the value of consistent self-care. Therefore, the Spa Retreat offers membership options and packages, enabling guests to integrate regular spa visits into their lifestyle. These packages often come with perks, such as discounts on services and access to the resort’s other amenities.

By seamlessly blending luxury with relaxation, the Spa Retreat at Downstream Casino invites guests to step away from the excitement of the gaming floors and into a world of calm and restoration. Whether seeking a solo escape or a group spa day, the Spa Retreat provides flexible options to suit any schedule, reaffirming the resort’s commitment to delivering a holistic leisure experience.


The Downstream Casino Resort’s Spa Retreat stands out as an oasis of calm, offering a perfect balance to the thrilling gaming atmosphere. Guests can indulge in a luxurious spa experience that caters to their desire for relaxation and rejuvenation. With its array of treatments and membership options, the Spa Retreat is an integral part of the resort, promising a holistic approach to wellness. Whether it’s for a day of pampering or a regular retreat, visitors leave feeling refreshed and ready to dive back into the vibrant energy of the casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gaming options are available at Downstream Casino Resort?

Downstream Casino Resort offers a variety of gaming options such as slot machines, table games, poker, and bingo. The casino provides guests with exciting gaming experiences.

What dining options can guests enjoy at Downstream Casino Resort?

Guests at Downstream Casino Resort can enjoy multiple dining choices ranging from casual to fine dining, including steakhouses, buffets, and quick-service eateries.

What services does the Spa Retreat at Downstream Casino Resort provide?

The Spa Retreat offers customized facial treatments, massage therapies, body scrubs, and manicure and pedicure services, focusing on holistic wellness and personalized treatment plans.

What is the focus of the Spa Retreat at Downstream Casino Resort?

The focus of the Spa Retreat is on holistic wellness, offering personalized treatment plans designed for maximum comfort and effectiveness, ensuring a tranquil and relaxing experience.

Does the Spa Retreat offer membership options?

Yes, the Spa Retreat at Downstream Casino Resort offers membership options and packages for guests interested in regular visits and ongoing wellness treatments.

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