Blackbird Bend Casino: Gaming, Dining & Live Entertainment

Nestled in the lush Loess Hills of Western Iowa, Blackbird Bend Casino offers a unique blend of gaming excitement and down-home charm. It’s a place where the lights and sounds of modern slot machines mingle with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

They’re not just about slots and table games; Blackbird Bend is a hub for entertainment, dining, and cultural experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or looking for a fun night out, they’ve got something for everyone. Stay tuned as we dive into what makes Blackbird Bend Casino a must-visit destination.

History of Blackbird Bend Casino

Blackbird Bend Casino, opened in the early 1990s, has an intriguing past that mirrors the growth and transformation of gaming in Iowa. Initially operating under the name CasinOmaha, it was one of the region’s first gaming establishments owned and operated by the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska. Through determination and a clear vision, the tribe ventured into the gaming industry with the aim of boosting economic development for its people.

In 2012, after two decades of entertaining guests, the establishment underwent a major rebranding and emerged as Blackbird Bend Casino. This change marked a new chapter, not just in name but also in expanding the casino’s offerings and renovating the facility to improve the overall customer experience. Charged with new energy and focus, the casino solidified its commitment to become a premier entertainment destination in Western Iowa.

Strategic development projects have been undertaken periodically to ensure that the casino stays ahead of curve. This includes the addition of modern slot machines, diverse table games, and non-gaming amenities designed to attract a broader audience. The Omaha Tribe acknowledges the role of the casino in providing key employment opportunities and fuels a significant portion of the tribal economy.

Blackbird Bend Casino continues to honor its heritage as it adapts to new trends. They incorporate cultural elements in their decor and thematic elements in events, weaving a narrative that pays homage to the storied past of the Omaha Tribe while catering to the preferences of contemporary casino-goers.

Location and Surroundings

Nestled in the lush loess hills of Western Iowa, Blackbird Bend Casino is conveniently located near Onawa, often referred to as the gateway to the scenic drives and abundant nature in the area. This prime location offers visitors a blend of serene landscapes and the excitement of casino entertainment. Visitors looking to extend their casino escapade into a weekend getaway will find the casino’s proximity to Omaha, Nebraska exceptionally convenient, as it’s just an hour’s drive away.

The area surrounding Blackbird Bend Casino is not only rich in natural beauty but also steeped in history and culture. Lewis and Clark State Park is a stone’s throw away, where history buffs can immerse themselves in the significance of the explorers’ journey. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the easy access to fishing, hiking, and birdwatching activities that the park offers.

In addition to natural escapades, guests at the casino have the opportunity to explore local treasures such as the Monona County Veteran’s Memorial Museum and the Onawa Racing and Events Complex. The latter provides a different kind of thrill with its bustling schedule of racing events and social gatherings.

Local Partnerships further enrich the experience at Blackbird Bend Casino. The casino has forged relationships with nearby lodgings, restaurants, and businesses to offer visitors a comprehensive experience that extends beyond gaming. Often, these collaborations result in promotions that benefit both the visitors and the local economy.

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For those visitors who seek both excitement and tranquility, Blackbird Bend Casino’s location is ideal. It merges the rush of casino life seamlessly with the peaceful retreats provided by Western Iowa’s picturesque environment. As the casino continues to draw visitors from near and far, it simultaneously promotes the exploration of the region’s attractions, sharing with its guests the charm of Onawa’s community and its environs.

Gaming Options at Blackbird Bend Casino

The heart of any casino is its gaming floor, and Blackbird Bend Casino is no exception. Offering a wide variety of options, the casino is sure to cater to the preferences of any gaming enthusiast. Guests are invited to try their luck at more than 400 state-of-the-art slot machines featuring a mix of classic favorites and the latest games available. The slots include progressive jackpots that could result in life-changing wins for those fortunate enough to hit the big time.

  • Slot machines
  • Table games
  • Bingo
  • Promotions and events

For those who favor strategy and a more hands-on approach, the casino’s table games provide an exciting atmosphere. The selection includes:

  • Blackjack, where players aim for 21 and hope to beat the dealer without busting.
  • Craps, offering a high-energy dice game that’s always packed with action.
  • Roulette, where bets are placed on numbers, colors, or combinations before the wheel decides their fate.

In addition to these classic offerings, Blackbird Bend Casino hosts bingo nights with generous payouts and a community-oriented vibe, making it a popular destination for both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

The gaming experience at Blackbird Bend is enhanced with frequent promotions and special events designed to give players extra chances to win and add an additional layer of excitement to their visit. The casino’s rewards program further enriches the experience, offering points for play that can be redeemed for dining, merchandise, or more gaming fun.

Guests seeking a more personalized gaming session can take advantage of the high-limit room, providing an exclusive atmosphere for high stakes play. The well-trained staff at Blackbird Bend Casino ensures that all guests have a top-notch gaming experience, regardless of the stakes they choose to play.

Entertainment and Events

Beyond the energetic buzz of slot machines and card tables, Blackbird Bend Casino shines as an entertainment hotspot. The venue showcases a diverse lineup of live performances, ranging from acclaimed regional musicians to comedians that keep the laughter rolling.

Each weekend, guests can find a slate of performances designed to elevate their visit from a simple casino outing to a memorable entertainment experience. These events are carefully curated to provide something for everyone, appealing to a broad array of tastes and preferences.

In addition to musical acts and comedy shows, the casino also organizes special events that resonate with the community. They include themed parties, holiday celebrations, and exclusive gatherings that amplify the festive atmosphere. Regulars and first-time visitors alike mark their calendars to ensure they don’t miss these exuberant occasions.

Blackbird Bend’s commitment to entertainment extends into the realm of promotions. Weekly promotions engage guests with chances to win extra prizes or partake in unique gaming opportunities. These promotions are not only thrilling but also add a layer of interactivity and anticipation to the gaming experience.

Moreover, the casino takes year-round excitement a step further with the organization of annual events that become talk-of-the-town. These events, often coinciding with major holidays or significant local festivities, position Blackbird Bend Casino as more than a gaming destination—it’s an integral part of the community’s social fabric.

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For those interested in a more intimate setting, the casino doesn’t disappoint. Smaller-scale gatherings and celebrations are also welcomed, with facilities that can host private parties or corporate events. Patrons can anticipate impeccable service as the staff at Blackbird Bend Casino attends to every detail, ensuring that every event, large or small, is a hit.

The event calendar is constantly updated, and savvy guests often sign up for newsletters or follow the casino on social media to stay informed on the latest happenings. This proactive approach ensures that no one misses out on the fun-filled events tailored to enliven every visit.

Dining Options at Blackbird Bend Casino

Blackbird Bend Casino isn’t just a premier destination for gaming; it’s also a hub for various culinary experiences. With dining options that cater to a wide range of tastes, visitors can enjoy a meal that complements their entertainment experience. Onawa’s own gaming oasis ensures no one plays on an empty stomach.

At the heart of Blackbird Bend’s dining scene is The Upstream Cafe. It’s a perfect spot for players to grab a quick bite or to settle in for a homestyle meal. The cafe prides itself on serving delectable dishes made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The menu features classic American favorites such as juicy burgers, crispy fries, and an assortment of sandwiches that keep guests coming back for more.

For those looking for more hearty options, the Bending Water Buffet offers a diverse spread. It’s all you can eat and features themed nights with cuisines ranging from traditional Italian to sizzling Asian. It’s not only the quality of the food that makes Bending Water a crowd-pleaser, but also the value for money – a winning combination in any player’s book.

Snack enthusiasts will find solace at Riverside Snacks. This convenient stop provides quick and tasty treats like hot dogs, nachos, and soft pretzels. Ideal for on-the-go gamers, Riverside Snacks ensures minimal downtime from the gaming action.

Visitors looking for a place to relax with a drink can head to the casino’s bar, known for its fine selection of wines, beers, and spirits. Patrons can sip on their favorite cocktails or discover new ones curated by the casino’s experienced mixologists. The bar is strategically placed, allowing guests to indulge without straying far from the casino floor.

The casino’s dining options extend beyond the immediate gastronomic gratification. They also cater to events and parties with customized catering services.

To make the most out of their visit, guests are encouraged to check the casino’s website or contact customer service for the latest dining hours and featured menus. With options to satisfy any craving, Blackbird Bend Casino ensures that every visit is not just fun-filled but also flavorful.

Cultural Experiences at Blackbird Bend Casino

Blackbird Bend Casino isn’t just about high-stakes thrills; it’s a hub for cultural experiences that celebrate the rich heritage of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa. Guests can immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere where the spirit of the tribe’s traditions is infused into every corner.

The cultural journey begins with the casino’s architecture, which draws inspiration from traditional Omaha dwellings and symbols. The design elements are carefully curated to reflect tribal stories and artistry. Inside, the decor features handcrafted artifacts and artwork, providing visitors with visual storytelling that respects and honors the casino’s indigenous roots.

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Throughout the year, Blackbird Bend Casino hosts various cultural events that offer a deep dive into the Omaha Tribe’s customs. Powwows, a centerpiece of Native American culture, allow guests to witness the mesmerizing dance competitions that represent different aspects of tribal history. Authentic regalia, pulsating drum rhythms, and powerful singing create an unforgettable experience.

The casino also invites guests to partake in hands-on workshops, where artisans from the Omaha Tribe teach the art of beadwork, basket weaving, and other traditional crafts. These workshops not only promote cultural preservation but also provide an interactive experience that’s both educational and entertaining.

To provide a taste of native cuisine, Blackbird Bend Casino occasionally features menu items that incorporate indigenous ingredients and cooking techniques. These culinary delights give patrons a unique opportunity to explore flavors that have been passed down through generations.

For those interested in a narrative journey, the casino arranges storytelling sessions where elders share ancestral legends and tales, fostering a deeper understanding of the tribal community’s lifestyle and beliefs. These stories are an essential part of the cultural fabric, echoing the tribe’s values and cosmology.

Music and entertainment acts sourced from the local community and beyond grace the casino with performances that range from traditional to contemporary, all while keeping a strong link to native roots. The melody of a flute or the beat of a drum often complements the clinking of slot machines, creating a harmony between modern entertainment and cultural tradition.


Blackbird Bend Casino stands out as a premier destination for gaming enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike. With its vast array of gaming options, live entertainment, and diverse dining selections, it caters to a wide range of preferences. The casino’s dedication to celebrating the Omaha Tribe’s heritage adds a unique and enriching layer to the visitor experience. Whether you’re looking to hit the jackpot, savor a meal, or immerse yourself in cultural festivities, Blackbird Bend Casino promises a memorable outing. Don’t forget to stay updated on their latest offerings by visiting their website or reaching out to customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gaming options are available at Blackbird Bend Casino?

Blackbird Bend Casino offers a variety of gaming experiences including slot machines, table games, and bingo sessions.

Does the casino provide live entertainment and special events?

Yes, Blackbird Bend Casino features live performances, special events, and various promotions for added entertainment.

What dining options are available at the casino?

The casino provides multiple dining options: the Upstream Cafe for homestyle meals, the Bending Water Buffet with themed nights, Riverside Snacks for quick bites, and a bar with an extensive selection of drinks.

Are there cultural experiences available at Blackbird Bend Casino?

Blackbird Bend Casino celebrates the heritage of the Omaha Tribe with experiences such as dance competitions at powwows, traditional crafting workshops, storytelling sessions, and a mixture of traditional and contemporary music acts.

Can guests enjoy dining at any time in the casino?

Guests should check the casino’s website or contact customer service for the latest dining hours and available menus, as they may vary.

Does the casino offer catering services?

Yes, Blackbird Bend Casino offers customized catering services for various events and parties.

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