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This site features turn based multiplayer strategy games. You won't find fancy 3D rendered graphics or fast-paced shoot 'em up action here. The games on this site won't test the speed of your reflexes but rather the fortitude of your intellect. If that appeals to you, this is some of what you'll find here:
  • Turn-based free strategy games
  • Online board games
  • Rated chess games
  • Sophisticated community of players
  • Player profiles
  • Message boards
  • A great way to break up the monotony of the daily routine
Play Strategy Games!

The games we play here are a little different than most web based games. Games are scheduled to begin at a specific time. Once you join a game, you can only make a limited number of moves per day. Each day, everyone plays their turns to move a little closer to winning. When someone wins, usually after about two to three weeks, the game gets put back into the rotation to start again.

Even if you've never played turn-based strategy games before, it's easy to get started. You might not win your first game, but you'll certainly enjoy it. Each game only takes a few minutes per day to play. Log in, play your turns, then ponder strategies for tomorrow.

Westward Trail is similar to the classic game of Oregon Trail. Start from Independence, Missouri and lead a wagon train across the fabled Oregon Trail with the promise of 640 acres of free farmland awaiting your arrival in the Willamette Valley. Command a team of oxen, traverse vast prairie, cross raging rivers, and hunt for food if provisions run low.

World Power is our most popular turn based strategy game. Who would have thought text could be this much fun! The object of World Power is to turn your crappy little third world country into a global super power. Build schools to advance your technology. Develop industry to improve your economy. Will you spend your funds on parks and resorts or tanks and bombers?

The Global Game Network offers several free strategy games, many of which are based on long lost classics like Strategic Conquest. If you enjoy online strategy games, sign up for a free account and get into the action. If you enjoy board games, play online. Risk your honor in an epic battle for world domination.